Tear Gas, Stun Grenades and Bullets Fired as Protests Enter 10th Day in Sudan

Protesters have taken the streets of Sudan for 10 days, sparked by rising prices and shortages of basic needs. Doctors, journalists and trade unions have all launched strikes in support of the protests.

Amnesty International put the death toll at 37 on Monday, with over 200 wounded. Since the demonstrations began, police have used tear gas, stun grenades and live ammunition against demonstrators. Authorities have shutdown internet service, blocked social media websites, shuttered schools, declared curfews and a state of emergency.

The Sudanese government responded to protests by arresting opposition leaders and activists. The arrested included a senior leader of Sudan’s Communist Party, and leaders from the pan-Arab Ba’ath and Nasserist parties among others. Fourteen leaders of the two main opposition groups were detained by the government last Saturday.

Protests started in towns and villages and spread to the capital Khartoum, as people demonstrated against the government tripling the price of bread. The demonstrations have expanded to include dissatisfaction with the dire economic situation, many calling for president Omar al-Bashir to resign.



Photo: “Unit drills with gas mask [Image 1 of 8]” by DVIDSHUB is licensed under CC BY 2.0