Tunisia: Protests Continue for Third Day After Journalist’s Death

Tunisian protesters have clashed with police for a third night following the death of a journalist who set himself on fire trying to start a revolution.

Protests began after 32-year-old journalist, Abderrazak Zorgui, posted a video before his self-immolation. He expressed his frustration over economic hardships and the unfulfilled promises of Tunisia’s 2011 revolution.

“For our people who have no means of subsistence, today I start a revolution,” Zorgui said continuing. “Whoever wishes to support me will be welcome. I am going to protest alone. I am going to set myself on fire and if at least one person gets a job thanks to me, I will be satisfied.”

In a similar case of self-immolation, spurred by corruption and repression, a street vendor’s last act led to protests that brought about a revolution and brought down Tunisia’s President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011.

Protests have taken place across Tunisia, with dozens being arrested. Tunisia’s journalists’ union has called for a general strike on January 14 to mark the eighth anniversary of the revolution and in protest of the “deplorable condition” of the media in Tunisia.



Photos: Sreenshots of Abderrazak Zorgui’s last video on YouTube