Ireland: Yellow Vest Protesters Block Port Tunnel

During demonstrations in Ireland Yellow Vest protesters blocked access to the Port tunnel. The action was part of a protest and march earlier in Dublin’s city center. The protest began at Custom House Quay, and protesters moved on to block the the East-Link bridge.

The majority wore the yellow vests, inspired by the French yellow vest or ‘gilets jaunes’ movement.

The yellow vest Ireland movement says they are protesting “against the disproportionate burden of the government’s tax and reforms that are failing the working and middle class citizens of Ireland.”

Protesters walked through the Port Tunnel, then stood at one entrance, where protesters held banners and blocked traffic.

Private Garda security had a presence at the protest along with police officers following closely behind.



Image adapted from: “HI VIZ” by Epic Fireworks  is licensed under CC BY 2.0