New Logging on Edinburgh Mountain on Vancouver Island, Threatening Old Growth Forests

New logging has commenced on Edinburgh Mountain, an old-growth forest area on western Vancouver Island, reported by conservationists with the Ancient Forest Alliance.

It is an area with high conservation value, featuring an old-growth forest with monumental red cedars and Douglas-firs. It is being logged, adding to the nearly 200 acres of old-growth forest the company has logged on Edinburgh Mountain since 2016.

Conservationists visited the cut-block over the weekend and found scores of giant trees cut down.

The Forest is the location of Canada’s second largest Douglas-fir tree, called Big Lonely Doug because it stands alone after the area was clearcut. 60 percent of the Mountain is available for logging, with the remaining 40 percent in forest reserves, whose boundaries can change to allow logging companies access as they run out of timber elsewhere.

The new logging comes as conservationists wait on the government to formulate a plan to implement the use an ecosystem-based management approach of the Great Bear Rainforest to manage old-growth forests.

79% of the original old-growth forests on BC’s southern coast have been logged, including well over 90% of the valley bottoms. Only 8% of Vancouver Island’s original old growth forests are protected.




Photos from the top: “Adjusting a Log Processor” by David Stanley  is licensed under CC BY 2.0 and “Cathedral Grove #2” by Paul McCoubrie  is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0