Pipeline Company Wants Tree-Sitters Out, Tree-sitters Plan to Stay

Two people are blocking the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline near Elliston, Virginia.  In court papers the company said they intend “to seek removal of these individuals.”

The company claims the tree-sitters can be sued as “persons claiming an interest in the property.” Also, “The tree sitters are occupying the property with the express purpose and intent of preventing MVP from exercising its rights under the Court’s order” to build and bury a pipeline through the land.

Even though the project has been slowed by legal and regulatory impediments related to alleged environmental violations. US federal courts gave Mountain Valley an easement to access the land where tree-sitters have occupied an oak and a pine for 117 days.

This is the latest tree-sitting protest to stop construction of the natural gas pipeline. A dozen similar blockades have been staged in Giles, Franklin, Montgomery, and Roanoke counties in Virginia and in Monroe County, West Virginia, since February of this year.



Photo; “Orvis State natural gas flare 02 – Evanson Place – Arnegard North Dakota – 2013-07-04” by Tim Evanson is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0