Mercenaries Operating in the US as Private Intelligence Agencies Against Activists

Internal documents provide a detailed picture of how private armies and intelligence mercenary firms are used by corporations to target, monitor, and infiltrate activist groups and corporate opponents.

An international mercenary and security firm that works with the military, known as TigerSwan, targeted water protectors working to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline with military-style counter-terrorism measures and collaborated closely with police in at least five states.

According to documents released by The Intercept, TigerSwan spied on and infiltrated activist organizations and gathered information on water protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline and delivered that information to Energy Transfer Partners, the corporation building the pipeline.

The “No DAPL” movement was likely to grow, according to TigerSwan documents obtained by The Intercept. However, the mercenary and intelligence firm felt that with “aggressive intelligence preparation of the battlefield and active coordination between intelligence and security elements are now a proven method of defeating pipeline insurgencies.”

The report showed TigerSwan collected data and intelligence on activists that, “also provide extensive evidence of aerial surveillance and radio eavesdropping, as well as infiltration of camps and activist circles.”

According to The Intercept, outside of North Dakota, TigerSwan had operatives in four states;  South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, and Texas.



Photo: “20161115_NoDAPL_ND-1246” by Revolution Messaging  is in the Public Domain