Anglophone Separatists Seeking Ambazonian Independence Create Cryptocurrency in Cameroon

Increasingly determined separatists seeking independence from Cameroon and international recognition for the “Federal Republic of Ambazonia” have now created a cryptocurrency, Ambacoin.

They say that AmbaCoin will help fund their independence and help to provide much needed humanitarian aid in the area known as the Republic of Ambazonia.

The cryptocurrency was developed by a group of anglophone separatist scholars and developers and it is gaining support among front line secessionists and separatist movements.

According to the developers, the biggest challenge faced by the breakaway region is that the wealth and resources in the area are controlled by the government of Cameroon. The plan is for the coin to be backed by the “rich natural resources” of the breakaway region.



Image adapted from: “alt crypto” by TLC Jonhson and Flag of The Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons by Washiucho are in the Public Domain