People Are Sabotaging Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles in Arizona

Dozens of driverless vehicles have reportedly been sabotaged since the cars first appeared on the roads outside of Phoenix. As the prevalence of the self-driving cars grows in Google’s test market, so do instances of sabotage.

The attacks include tires being slashed, rocks being thrown and vehicles being run off the road. Google’s subsidiary Waymo has been reluctant to release videos of the attacks on their cars.

In the next few years, several companies will roll out self-driving vehicle services and even deliveries and long haul transport will shift to autonomous vehicles. One day soon, most all travel and shipping will be autonomously driven. In the US alone, more than four and a half million workers in these industries will be out of work.

Arizona’s lax regulations on the emerging industry and lack of rain have made it an optimal location for autonomous vehicle testing.



Photo: “Waymo self-driving car in Tempe” by zombieite  is licensed under CC BY 2.0