Staff at Migrant Detention Facility Caught Abusing Children

Staff at the shelter were caught slapping pushing and dragging detained migrant children in videos obtained by the Arizona Republic. The now closed shelter was run by Southwest Key in Arizona.

Several workers at the Hacienda Del Sol facility in Youngtown, Arizona, are shown in the videos apparently abusing children being held at the shelter.

One of the videos captures a staff member dragging and pulling a boy into a room where he then slapped the child and pushed him against the wall.

Another video shows an employee dragging a child through a room. Another shows an incident in a classroom, though the blurry images make it unclear what is happening.


The videos were released by the Arizona Department of Health Services, who blurred them, they were recorded in mid-September according to The Arizona Republic.

In October, the shelter was forced to close when it was discovered it hadn’t performed the required background checks on its employees. The company has also been forced to close down another facility in Phoenix.

Once the videos were made public, the sheriff’s office, who had said they did not warrant criminal charges just a day before, said it would now refer the case to prosecutors.



Photo: “Central American migrants find quarter in southern Mexico.” by Peter Haden  is licensed under CC BY 2.0