New Study Finds Brief Once a Day Meditation Enhances Attention, Memory, and Self Awareness

A new study finds that just 8 weeks of very brief once-a-day meditation can enhance attention, working memory, recognition memory and self awareness as well as decrease anxiety and negative mood states.

The study suggests “a lower limit for the duration of brief daily meditation needed to see significant benefits.” The results suggests that even a relatively short 13 minute guided daily meditation practice can have a similar behavioral impact as longer duration and higher-intensity mediation practices.

The participants in the experimental group were given a 13 minute guided meditation program to use once a day for 8 weeks. Tests on participants were done before the experiment, at 4 weeks, and 8 weeks.

The study looked at the effect of meditation on healthy adults without past experience in meditation and found a wide range of benefits with the most common being enhanced emotional regulation, attention, and self-awareness.

“Taken together, our results contribute to the establishment of the “minimum dose” of meditation that results in significant mood and cognitive benefits,” the study says.

Meditation programs have been shown to reduce anxiety, panic, and depression in patients with anxiety disorders, with the impact of the intervention lasting for 3 years.

In other benefits reported included lowering blood pressure and inflammation, improved immune system function, increased telomerase activity and insulin and glucose resistance.



Photo: “Meditation” by Tina Leggio  is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0