US Fires Tear Gas Into Mexico As Asylum Seekers Try To Cross Border

U.S. border agents fired tear gas and pepper spray into Mexico on Tuesday after asylum seekers tried to cross a fence along the southwestern border.

A group attempted to travel into the U.S. near Tijuana just after midnight. Border patrol fired tear gas, smoke and other chemical agents into a crowd of asylum seekers in Mexico.

Twenty-five people were arrested after crossing into the US. Witnesses reported at least one person was hit in the head by a tear gas canister in Mexico.

The event is the latest encounter between Central American asylum seekers and Border Patrol agents in recent months. In November, US authorities fired tear gas at migrants on the US-Mexico border.



“2018/11/23 Asylum Seeker to reach Tijuana” by Daniel Arauz  is licensed under CC BY 2.0 The writing translates to: “no obstacle can prevent us from achieving our dreams; we are Mexican, we are unstoppable”