Israel Plans to ‘Worsen’ Conditions for Palestinian Prisoners

Israel is planning to make conditions worse for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails according to a plan unveiled by Gilad Erdan, the Public Security Minister. The plan includes restricting water supplies, reducing the number of family visits and preventing members of Israel’s parliament from visiting Palestinian prisoners.

The planned changes are expected to come into place in the coming weeks after being approved by the Israeli cabinet. The moves were sharply criticized by human rights groups, activists and Palestinian leaders who say it is another escalation of human rights violations.

Under the plan, jails will also remove cooking rights, limit prisoners’ access to television as well as blocking funds to the Palestinian Authority. The policy of separating Hamas prisoners from those affiliated with rival Palestinian faction Fatah will also end.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Commission denounced the plans and said they are an attempt to make Palestinian prisoners’ lives more unbearable.



Photo: “the matrix” by Mitchell Haindfield is licensed under CC BY 2.0