Names Surface of More Than 1,000 Priests Accused of Sexually Abusing Children

Sparked by a shocking grand jury investigation out of Pennsylvania, the names of more than 1,000 priests accused of sexually abusing children have been released.

While a thousand abusers have been newly exposed, experts say the lists of priest abusers are still incomplete. has tracked abuse for more than a decade, and has published names of known abusers that the church has left off of the lists.

The recently disclosed sexual abuse dates back sixty or seventy years, the oldest from the 1910s. More than 60 percent of the priests on the lists are dead. In most cases, the statute of limitations for bringing criminal charges or suing has run out.

Nearly three quarters of the nation’s 187 dioceses have yet to release names of priests who have been accused. The review also found dozens of investigations that could lead to more names.

The Pennsylvania investigation that sparked the latest release of names identified nearly 300 “predator priests” dating back seven decades and found that church leaders had been covering up for the abuses.

The biggest list came from the Jesuits West Province, where 111 priests were listed out of the order. The New Orleans Archdiocese and the Diocese of Syracuse, New York, named 61 and 57 respectively.



Photo: “GM3_7666.JPG” by Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston  is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0