Saltwater Fish Extinction on the Horizon

The world’s oceans are on the brink of collapse. Nothing has changed other than the acceleration of the problems highlighted more than a decade ago when scientists sounded the alarm that the world’s oceans would be empty of fish by 2048.

Global fish populations have plummeted over 50% percent since the 1970s. According to one study, beloved edible fish species such as tuna and mackerel have declined as much as 75%.

The disappearance of species will be due to overfishing, pollution, habitat loss, and climate change. Diversity of ocean life is a key element of the oceans survival or destruction. Areas of the ocean with the most diversity of life are the healthiest.

Researchers warn that the loss of species won’t be gradual, it’s happening fast and it is only getting faster.



Photo: “Reef trigger fish.” by Bernard Spragg. NZ  is in the Public Domain