Brazil’s New Right-Wing President sees threat in Russia, considers US base

Brazil is open to hosting a US military base to counter Russian influence in the region. The new far-right president Jair Bolsonaro said. “My approximation with the United States is economic, but it could also be warlike.”

Jair Bolsonaro took office on Tuesday, in the interview with the SBT network Thursday, Bolsonaro said he is concerned about Russia’s close relationship with Venezuela. The two countries held a training mission in Venezuela that was criticized by U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was also in attendance at Bolsonaro’s inauguration.

Bolsonaro said in reference to a US military base in Brazil, “Depending on what might happen in the world, who knows if we might have to talk about it in the future.”

Asked by journalists about his openness to having a U.S. base in Brazil, Bolsonaro said, “I have the American people as a friend.”



Photo: “FNSP” by André Gustavo Stumpf  is licensed under CC BY 2.0