How Big Wireless Convinced People Cell Phones and Wi-Fi are Safe

An unwitting public has been made into guinea pigs in a mass human experiment. Using tactics pioneered by Big Tobacco, the wireless industry has influenced the public’s understanding of the dangers of their ubiquitous technology.

A study on hundreds of pregnant women in the San Francisco Bay area found those exposed to higher levels of radiation associated with cell phones and wireless devices were 2.72 times more risk of having a miscarriage than those with lower exposure. The study reported that the association was “much stronger” when the radiation exposure was measured “on a typical day of participants’ pregnancies.”

The scope of the public health issue has been inadequately reported on by the media and as a result underappreciated by the public. The possible health impact of cell phone and WiFi radiation exposure is huge because everybody is exposed.

The wireless industry has succeeded in convincing the public that these technologies are completely benign and come with no health risks. While a lack of definitive proof that a technology is harming people does not mean it’s safe. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology correlated long-term exposure to cell phone radiation with brain tumors, DNA damage, among other health risks.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has also recommended reducing children’s exposure to cell phone radiation.



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