Microsoft and Kroger Are Taking on Amazon in a Race to Eliminate Workers From Grocery Stores

Microsoft and Kroger are taking on Amazon’s cashierless stores with their foray into replacing workers with automation. The move deepens the partnership between the two companies, to develop automated systems and eliminate the need for workers.

As Amazon pushes into more industries, corporations like Kroger, Walmart, and Target are joining forces with tech companies to compete against Amazon in their transition to automation.

The two test locations will feature digital advertisements personalized to each person shopping. Analytics systems will alert store associates to low inventories, where soon an automated system can dispatch robots to fill the shelves.

The test stores are similar to Amazon’s that detect items people pick up and scans them automatically, eliminating the need for cashiers. Amazon is reportedly planning a broad expansion of these stores and the technology in other Amazon companies. Putting pressure on other grocers to move forward with these systems.



Photo: “Layout” by Northwest Retail is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0