France to Increase Penalties Against Undeclared Protests

The French government plans to increase penalties on undeclared protests in response to the uncontrollable yellow-vest demonstrations, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Monday.

He spoke after demonstrations over the high cost of living continued for the 8th consecutive weekend. Protesters have set barricades ablaze and smashed through the doors of a government compound with a forklift, underscoring how protests are terrifying the government.

“We need to preserve the right to demonstrate in France and we must sanction those who break the law,” Philippe told TF1 television. Tthe government favors updating the law in order to sanction those who do not respect this obligation to declare protests, those who take part in undeclared protests, those who arrive at protests with balaclavas,” Philippe said.

The latest yellow vest marches began peacefully, but degenerated when police fired tear gas at protesters trying to reach the National Assembly.

Two months after they started blocking roads, taking over toll booths and staging street protests across France, the yellow vests have seen new momentum flowing into the movement following the holidays.



Photo: “Les Gilets Jaunes” by Patrice CALATAYU is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0