More than 150 Million Strike in India, as Farmers and Trade Unions Join Together

Possibly the largest national strike ever is underway in India. Farmer’s associations and trade unions comprising more than 150 million workers at banks, public transport units, factories, and government companies are protesting anti-worker and anti-people policies of prime minister Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government.

Trade unions and farmer’s associations called for the ‘general strike’ to protest the Modi government’s pro-corporate policies and amendments to labor laws that workers say will impose conditions of slavery on working people. In urban areas, trade unions held a general strike and farmers across the country are observing a Gramin Bharat bandh, similar to a general strike, against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s non-committal position on farmers’ debt issues and rural distress the country has been facing in the last four and half years of BJP rule.

Striking workers blocked trains and highways around the country. Schools and universities are silent in support of the striking workers and public transportation in Mumbai sits still.



Image adapted from: “Black Lives Matter” by Jeff Kopp is in the Public Domain