Radio Signals Detected From Deep Space

Astronomers detailed signals emanating from a distant galaxy, picked up by a telescope in Canada. The precise origin of the blasts of radio waves is unknown.

The FRBs, “fast radio bursts” have only been observed once before. Among the 13 fast radio bursts was an incredibly unique repeating signal, coming from about 1.5 billion light years away.

Such an event has only been reported once before, by a different telescope.

The CHIME observatory, located in British Columbia went online last year, detecting 13 of the radio bursts immediately, including the repeater.

Scientists have detected around 60 fast radio bursts, but only two that repeat.

There are a number of theories about what could be causing the FRBs, from neutron stars with a very strong magnetic field spinning very rapidly, two neutron stars merging together, or possibly some sort of alien spaceship.

Since this FRB repeats itself, it may be possible to trace the very powerful signal back to its source.



Photo: “Is there anybody out there? (Explored)” by Andrew Fysh is licensed under CC BY 2.0