“Apartheid Road” Opens in Jerusalem, Separating Palestinians and Jewish Settlers

While the West Bank has long had many segregated roads, none have been divided along its entire length by a wall, but now Route 4370 has opened.

The highway, which has been called the “Apartheid Road,” is divided by a twenty foot high wall. The road connects Geva Binyamin to the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. Its western side will serve Palestinians, who cannot enter Jerusalem, while the road’s eastern side will serve settlers.

The road will continue the fragmentation of the West Bank by cutting the northern Palestinian cities off from the south, making a potential future state of Palestine less viable. The construction included building a new checkpoint, that will be closed to Palestinians in the West Bank who cannot enter Jerusalem.

Most of its users are expected to be settlers, who travel to Jerusalem to work and study. For now, the new road will open only between 5 A.M. and noon, to alleviate heavy traffic. The road was built over a decade ago but remained closed due to a dispute between the army and the police.



“West Bank Wall” by ChrisYunker is licensed under CC BY 2.0