Farm workers protest pay cut by Wonderful Citrus

Farm workers walked off the job in protest of a move by citrus grower Wonderful Citrus lowering the price it pays for harvesting mandarins.

Hundreds of workers chanted “Si se puede!” and some held signs saying “Precios Justos” (fair prices) after The Wonderful Company reduced its rates by almost 10 percent. The product is known by the brand name, Halos.

The company said the price reduction was from a seasonal transition from harvesting clementines to mandarins, both of which are marketed and sold as Halos by the company.

Many workers said they would be satisfied if the price just went back to the old rate. Others called for a slight increase. They say they don’t believe Wonderful Citrus is treating the farm workers right in this case. Many say the price per bin needs to be increased on a regular basis, as the cost of living increases for workers.

Workers say that each year the cost of food goes up, rent goes up, gas goes up, and their pay is not enough.



Photo: “Mandarin-Orange auf dem Rasen” by Marco Verch is licensed under CC BY 2.0