US Government Shutdown Longest in History

The U.S. government shutdown entered its 23rd day on Sunday, the longest shutdown of federal government agencies in U.S. history.

The shutdown began on Dec. 22, breaking the record set by a 1995-1996 shutdown under president Clinton that lasted 21 days.

Roughly 800,000 federal workers affected missed their paychecks on Friday.

Miami International Airport will close one of its terminals for the next several days due to a shortage of security screeners who have been calling in sick at double the usual rate.

The air traffic controllers union sued the FAA, saying it had violated federal wage law by failing to pay workers. It is the third lawsuit filed by unions on behalf of unpaid federal workers.

Donald Trump is considering declaring a national emergency to end the shutdown and allow funding of the border wall by circumventing Congress. Friday, he said he wouldn’t declare a national emergency “right now.”



Photo: “President Trump Delivers Remarks” by The White House is in the Public Domain