Serbian Protests Enter Sixth Week After Assassination Attempts Prompt Fears of Fascist Resurgence

Protests entered their sixth week as thousands took to the streets in Belgrade on Saturday against President Aleksandar Vučić and his political party, demanding media freedom and an end to attacks on journalists and the political opposition.

Mass protests were sparked after critics of president Aleksandar Vučić were attacked in a series of brutal assaults, compounding the president’s already troubled human rights record.

Among those attacked were opposition politician Borko Stefanović and two Serbian Left party activists, who were beaten with iron bars, another attack was against journalist Milan Jovanović.

Protesters have taken up the slogan “#1od5miliona” (“one in five million”). In response, to Vučić saying that he would never give in to the protesters demands, “even if five million people show up on the streets.”



Photo of Aleksandar Vučić: “A23A9146” by European People’s Party is licensed under CC BY 2.0