US Sends Nuclear Capable Stealth Bombers to the Pacific

The US deployed stealth B-2 bombers for training in the Pacific, the US Air Force revealed Friday.

The stealth aircrafts were deployed to support the US Strategic Command’s Bomber mission, a mission meant to threaten any country that would question US global power.

At a time of increased tensions between the US and China, the deployment is intended as a clear threat to China. The Air Force explained that the bombers can “penetrate an enemy’s most sophisticated defenses,” and “put at risk their most valuable targets.”

The US deployed the three nuclear capable bombers and 200 airmen to Pearl Harbor for training in the Pacific.

Deploying to Hawaii enables the US to showcase to a large international audience that the nuclear capable B-2 is on watch 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to protect US corporate interests, and obliterate any rising powers in the world.



Photo: “F-22s, B-2s Deploy to Guam” by UNC – CFC – USFK is licensed under CC BY 2.0