LA Teachers Strike Day 3

The LA teachers strike has entered its third day, with 33,000 educators in America’s second largest school district on strike. Charter school teachers joined the strikes yesterday with tens of thousands of LA teachers and supporters picketing and marching. The walkout has widespread support and many are calling to expand the strike throughout California.

Los Angeles teachers are confronting powerful political forces that have an agenda privatize public education, an agenda that has immense financial backing and the support of both corporate controlled political parties. There are growing calls by teachers throughout California to join the strike. Teachers in Oakland are planning sickouts Friday.

Some teachers have denounced the union’s refusal to pay out strike benefits. It is the first strike in the district in 30 years.



Photo: “My teachers union buddies at the LA Women’s March” by Danny Baza Blas is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0