Activists Face Jail Time for Providing Life-Saving Aid to Migrants Crossing the Desert

This week in Tucson, the federal government tried to criminalize humanitarian aid at the border.

In Arizona, members of the humanitarian group No More Deaths are facing charges for their efforts to leave water and food to help refugees and migrants survive the deadly journey through the desert along the US border.

The charges were filed against No More Deaths, just a week after they published a report accusing US Border Patrol of vandalizing caches of water and other humanitarian aid, condemning refugees and migrants to die in the desert.

The government brought charges against four women with the group, No More Deaths. They were accused of operating a motor vehicle in a wilderness area and entering a national wildlife refuge without a permit and abandoning property there, the property they left were containers of water in a remote desert area where officials have recovered nearly 150 bodies of those who did not survive the journey.

And so, in Arizona, leaving water for the thirsty is a crime.



Photo: “No more deaths” by benketaro is licensed under CC BY 2.0