Cop is Sentenced to About 6 Years For Shooting Teenager 16 Times

Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke is about to do jail time for murdering Laquan McDonald. In October, jurors convicted Van Dyke of second-degree murder and aggravated battery. Today, Van Dyke was sentenced to 81 months, and will likely get out in a little over three years.  The family of Laquan McDonald took the opportunity after sentencing to speak out against prison slavery.

Earlier in the week three current and former Chicago cops accused of conspiring to cover-up the murder of Laquan McDonald have been acquitted.

Activists and relatives of Laquan McDonald decried the acquittal ruling on Thursday, when Judge Domenica Stephenson acquitted officers Joseph Walsh, Thomas Gaffney and detective David March.

McDonald’s family questioned how the two cases could reach such different outcomes. Laquan’s great uncle said the acquittal means “if you are a police officer you can lie, cheat and steal” and that the legal system was “corrupt.” “This is not justice,” he said. “To say that these men are not guilty is to say that Jason Van Dyke is not guilty.”



Adapted photo of Laquan McDonald via Facebook