Black Drivers Disproportionately Targeted by LAPD for Traffic Stops

LAPD Metro officers stop black drivers at a rate disproportionately more than five times their share of the city’s population, according to analysis from the LA Times.

Nearly half the drivers stopped by the Metropolitan Division were black, pushing up the rate of African Americans stopped by the Los Angeles Police Department across the city from 21 percent to 28 percent since the divisions expansion in 2015. The city’s population is 9 percent black.

Since 2015, ‘Metro’ has doubled the number of officers in the division to last year, the number of people stopped has increased by nearly 14 times.

An area from South Van Ness Avenue to Denker Avenue, has a population that is 41% black, while 81% of the people reported to have been stopped since 2015 were black, analysis found.

Civil rights advocates are troubled by the racial disparities exposed in the analysis, saying they are too extreme to be explained away by other factors.



Photo: “LAPD” by Chris Yarzab is licensed under CC BY 2.0