Internet Shutdown in Chad Passes 300 Days and Counting

The people of Chad have been experiencing an Internet shutdown ordered by the government for more than 300 days.

The shutdown started with a government order last year in March to close access to social media leading up to the presidential election in December. The elections resulted in Idriss Déby being re-elected, he has ruled for 30 years.

According to a study from NetBlocks, the censorship focuses on blocking social media services and cutting off messaging.

Chad is not the only country in Africa to have recently experienced internet shutdowns. Zimbabwe has seen internet shutdowns that Zimbabwe’s high court has said are unconstitutional. Gabon, Sudan and The Democratic Republic of the Congo have all seen shutdowns due to political movements.

President Déby has ruled since 1990, with austerity measures leading to protests and strikes in recent years.



Image adapted from: “Censorship” by SBTL1 is in the Public Domain