96-Year-Old Physicist Says New Invention will Give Everyone on Earth Cheap Clean Energy

The world’s oldest Nobel Prize winner, Arthur Ashkin, is making cheap electricity in his basement. Ashkin, at 96 years, has developed a new solar energy technology. The device uses reflective concentrator tubes to capture, funnel and intensify light. It could make existing solar panels more efficient or possibly replace them with something much cheaper and simpler.

The tubes are dirt cheap Ashkin says, costing just pennies to make, possibly opening up affordable solar energy to the world.

Ashkin now works hunched over a workbench, confident that once the design is released, the new technology will spread around the world, providing inexpensive and clean power. He hopes to publish the results in the journal Science.



Photo: “Arthur Ashkin EM1B5678” by Bengt Nyman is licensed under CC BY 2.0