Mothers Protest Over Sons Held in Secret UAE Run Prisons

Yemeni mothers protested outside of the home of the country’s interior minister, demanding information about their sons held in UAE run prisons. The Association of Mothers of Abductees and other rights groups have demanded the Yemeni government ‘reveal the fate’ of the missing.

The mothers released a statement in the port city of Aden, “We call on the government, the minister of the interior and the Attorney-General to reveal the fate of the dozens of missing prisoners and to uncover their secret places of detention.” The statement also revealed that some 86 detainees at the Bir Ahmed prison have staged a month-long hunger strike.

The Bir Ahmed prison in the southern governorate of Aden is a facility run by the Security Belt, affiliated with the United Arab Emirates.

According to several human rights groups, the Security Belt operates a secret network of prisons across southern Yemen. The UAE army and their Yemeni allies have been torturing people using electric cables, wooden bats and steel poles during interrogation sessions. Some detainees have been sexually abused, deprived of sleep and confined to narrow spaces in inhumane conditions.

Families of the missing hold weekly protests, seeking information about their missing sons, brothers and fathers.



Photo: “Mother’s Council, Thula” by is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0