Detroit Cop with History of Violence against Women Posts Racist Video Of Woman In Freezing Cold After He Seized Her Car

Detroit police officer, Gary Steele posted a racist Snapchat video of a black woman he pulled over for a traffic stop, mocking her after he seized her car as she walked home. 


On Tuesday, the Detroit Police Department confirmed he posted the video. While the department investigates, officer Gary Steele has been reassigned, but not fired.

The video began after he pulled over 23-year-old Ariel Moore for having an expired registration and seized the vehicle. Steele told her to exit the vehicle so it could be towed. As she walked home, the officer started making a video of her, text was added to the video reading  “What black girl magic looks like” and “celebrating Black History Month.” as officers can be heard mocking the woman.

Previously, Steele got himself in trouble for attacking his ex-girlfriend and firing a gun next to her head, but he was given a plea deal and allowed to continue being a cop.