Thousands Protest in Sudan, Denouncing the Torture and Murder of a Protester in Police Custody

Thousands poured onto the streets of Sudan’s eastern state of Kassala to denounce the killing of Ahmed Khair. Last week, while demonstrators demanded President Omar al-Bashir leave office, 33 year-old Khair was arrested. The next day he was pronounced dead while in custody, bringing the death toll to at least 53 since protests began December 19.

Authorities refused to provide a cause of death to the family, but his body was covered in bruises, according to relatives.

An estimated 2,000 protesters have been wounded, many blinded by birdshot and some losing limbs from live ammunition fired by government forces, according to activists.

The exact figures of dead and wounded are not known as many have avoided going to hospitals for fear of arrest. About 70 doctors across the country have had criminal charges brought against them for sympathizing with protesters.



Image: Ahmed Khair