Hundreds Held in Appalling Conditions in New York Jail, Family and Supporters Protest and Are Pepper Sprayed

Family members and supporters protested today at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, where the people being held inside have been without heat, hot water or lights for more than a week. Their only way to freely communicate with the outside world has been by banging on the windows and trying to call out to family members through the glass. Protesters and family members entered the building only to be pepper sprayed.


A van arrived with hundreds of blankets for the freezing people being held inside MDC Brooklyn without heat. Protesters celebrated only to find out that while the jail accepted the blankets, they were never distributed to the people freezing inside.

Many are calling the conditions inhumane and a clear violation of human rights. Hundreds of men and women imprisoned in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn have spent more than a week in cold, dark cells amid frigid weather, without access to visitors or email.

The hashtag #MDCBrooklyn is documenting the abuse that is occurring at the Brooklyn jail and the organizing against it.



Image adapted from: Photo: “Brooklyn MDC” by Jim.henderson is in the Public Domain