Rich People Are Buying Poor Young People’s Blood to Live Longer

In the US, the rich live about fourteen years longer than the poor, a gap that has doubled in the last 40 years and is only expected to grow under the current circumstances.

Now the rich want poor young people’s blood so they can live longer. For the low price of just $8,000 you can get some young poor soul’s blood pumped into your veins. The science behind the procedure is based on experiments stitching mice together so their circulatory systems mix. The older mouse begins to act young again, and the younger mouse begins to act old. The procedure promises the rich improved focus, memory and muscle tone.

Available in cities across the US and the world, clinics buy young people’s blood and pump it into their rich clients who want to live forever.

It isn’t just young blood they want. Are you an organ donor? Rest assured that when you die your organs are disproportionately likely to go to rich people. Not just because they can put themselves on multiple waiting lists, but many poor people are just too poor to receive organs.



Image adapted from: “Nosferatu” by Daniel Lobo is licensed under CC BY 2.0