Immigrant-Rights Lawyers and Journalists Denied Entry Into Mexico

Two immigrant rights lawyers and two journalists working with people seeking asylum in Tijuana said they were denied entry into Mexico in recent days after their passports were flagged.

The attorneys denied entry into Mexico, Nora Phillips and Erika Pinheiro, are directors of Al Otro Lado, a nonprofit group based in Los Angeles and Tijuana and a vocal critics of US immigration policies.

Al Otro Lado sent lawyers to Tijuana to help people in the Central American ‘migrant caravan’ that arrived in Tijuana last year, some who are seeking asylum in the US. Al Otro Lado recently partnered with members of Congress to escort asylum seekers to a port of entry, where the group waited until Customs and Border Protection officials agreed to accept the asylum seekers for processing.

Phillips, the legal director for Al Otro Lado, said she was detained Thursday evening after landing in Guadalajara. Pinheiro, the group’s policy director, said Mexican immigration officials turned her away under similar circumstances as she tried to enter Mexico into Tijuana.



Photo: “2018/11/23 Asylum Seeker to reach Tijuana” by Daniel Arauz is licensed under CC BY 2.0