Brutal Cold Kills Dozens of Children in Syrian Refugee Camp

At least 29 children and newborns have died over the past eight weeks in or on the way to the al-Hol refugee camp in northeastern Syria. Most of the children died of hypothermia, according to a report from WHO, released last week.

About 23,000 people have arrived at the camp in just eight weeks, according to the WHO. Once made up mostly of Iraqi refugees, the camp near the Iraq-Syria border has tripled in size since December to nearly 33,000 people.

Most of the new residents are Syrian women and children fleeing fighting. Many walked for days or traveled in open trucks, arriving malnourished and exhausted following “years of deprivation” living under Daesh.

Before the recent influx almost two-thirds of the people living at the camp reported inadequate shelter.



Photo: “Nic6274558” by Freedom House is licensed under CC BY 2.0