Dozens of Cities Across the US and UK Have Been Secretly Experimenting With Crime Prediction Technology

Dozens of cities across the US and UK have been experimenting with predictive policing technology from the company PredPol. Predictive policing technology has been shown to be a means for cities to take policies and practices designed to target minority and poor communities and put them through an algorithm giving them the veneer of being something other than a continuation of the same practices.

Predictive policing uses data from police to predict future crime. Civil rights groups, have voiced concerns about the growing use of predictive policing software for years, saying it leads to over-policing of poor and minority communities.

“Predictive technologies are primarily being used to intensify enforcement, rather than to meet human needs” reads a statement signed by 17 civil rights organizations.

PredPol, is one of several companies offering predictive policing technology. They have held and continue to hold dozens of contracts with cities across the US and the UK. PredPol claims their software can predict crime down to a 500 by 500 foot area. In some cases, they say they can even target a specific house.



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