NYPD Desperate for People To Stop Revealing Locations Of Police Checkpoints and Speeding Cameras

The NYPD is unable to deal with evolving technology when it makes their jobs more difficult to exploit and extort people. NYPD has sent a cease and desist letter to Google, demanding that it remove alerts about police checkpoints on the Waze driving app.

The letter comes after Google launched a new feature on the Google Maps app, alerting drivers to the location of police speed cameras. Drivers say they started getting the new speed camera alert on Google Maps last week.

“This letter serves to put you on notice that the NYPD has become aware that the Waze Mobile application, a community-driven GPS navigation application owned by Google LLC, currently permits the public to report DWI checkpoints throughout New York City and map these locations on the application,” the NYPD wrote.

NYPD can’t stand any technology that prevents them from making the most arrests and extorting the most money possible. If they can not get Google to stop the service, they will make desperate pleas and empty threats to the public.



Photo: “Light Patrol” by Nick Fisher is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0