Zapatista Support Bases Denounce Paramilitary Violence Promoted by the Government

The following are translated excerpts from an article in AVISPA:

There has been a surge of violence over the last 11 months by paramilitary groups in the municipalities of Aldama and Chenalhó, Chiapas, Mexico. The support base of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) denounced the government for promoting and financing the armed civilian groups responsible for the murder of 25 people.

Now under the pretext of fighting the paramilitary groups, on January 23, police and military detachments moved into the region, occupying the area. “Instead of solving it (the government) puts the army in our communities. We are very clear, the only thing they are going to do is worsen more and more, “explained one of the Zapatistas of the Cotzilnam community.

In video testimonies Zapatista support bases denounce the aggression that has violated their daily lives. 25 people have been murdered. The most recent murders were those of Juan Pedro Gómez Sántiz and two others, on January 22.



Image adapted from: “DSC08592” by Renata Avila is licensed under CC BY 2.0