Haiti: Protests Enter 4th Day, at Least 3 Dead in Latest Protests

Demonstrations demanding President Jovenel Moïse leave office entered the fourth day. At least three people have been killed since the protests erupted. Haitians are outraged over corruption and the theft of billions of dollars in development funds Venezuela had sent in aid through the Petrocaribe fund.

Activists say protests have been ongoing in Haiti for more than 10 years, but the most recent peak comes from outrage over corruption and the total lack of accountability from the present and previous government administrations. Opposition leaders are calling for another week of demonstrations to force the president and his administration to step down.

The protests have brought several thousand people out into the streets of the capital. Makeshift barricades paralyzed the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area and major provincial towns. Almost all of the neighborhoods in the capital saw protests. Most gas stations, schools, banks and businesses remained closed.

In Port-au-Prince, several spontaneous demonstrations have been reported. At least one person was killed and another was shot and wounded Saturday. Protests continue against corruption, mismanagement of the Government, insecurity, high cost of living, and to demand the resignation of the Head of State.

Police fired live ammunition into crowds outside of a hospital in the capital and tear gas was launched at demonstrators across the country.




Port-au-Prince was gradually blocked by barricades of burning tires, car carcasses, branches and rocks. Protesters also burnt supplies delivered for Carnival and the house of President Moïse was the target of stone throwing.






Photo: “DSC_8198” by Lilian Wagdy is licensed under CC BY 2.0