UK and US need to stop sending weapons to Saudi-UAE-ISIS coalition

The US and UK continue to sell arms to the Saudi-UAE-ISIS military force involved in one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. The West needs to stop supplying weapons, Amnesty International urged, after reports that arms are being funneled to IS militia on top of the horrific military campaign devastating the people of Yemen being perpetrated by the UK-US backed Saudi-UAE military force.

“The proliferation of unaccountable” militias in Yemen, which is backed by the US-UK-Saudi-UAE-ISIS coalition is “worsening the humanitarian crisis and posing a growing threat to the civilian population,” Amnesty researchers said.

British and American weapons are being used to arm Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS) militants,  according to recent reports from the Amman-based Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism.



Photo: “723 School Bus Bombing” by Felton Davis is licensed under CC BY 2.0