Around Half of California’s Voters Can’t Afford Living in the State and Want to Get Out

A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday shows that 43 percent of California voters say they can’t afford to live in the state. Younger people, aged 18 to 34, were most likely to be struggling to make ends meet with 61 percent of their age group saying they can’t afford to live in the state.

A different poll found an even higher percentage of Californians considering relocation. According to a survey by Edelman Intelligence, 53 percent of Californians are considering moving out of state due to the high cost of living. Even more likely for younger people with 63 percent considering leaving the state.

CALmatters reported that in 2017 20 percent of the state’s population struggled to make ends meet.



Photo: “Abandoned Motorhome / Housing Crisis” by Travis Wise is licensed under CC BY 2.0