Google Failed to Disclose There Was a Built-in Microphone in Home Security System Nest

Google announced that its home security system, Nest Secure could now work with Google Assistant. The problem is that Google Assistant requires a microphone and people who bought the home security device didn’t know it had built in microphones. The microphone was never listed in the tech specifications for the devices. Google says the microphones were “never supposed to be a secret.”

Google disclosed certain components in the system: the keypad, alarm, motion sensor, but failed to mention one of it’s most critical components, the home listening device.

Google said the microphone was included in the Google home security system Nest for the possibility of adding new features. Google’s Nest security systems include smoke detectors, doorbells, security cameras and thermostats and a secret listening device.



Image adapted from: “Family Room” by Nan Palmero and “Big Brother inc.” by Mao Tsé-Tung 毛澤東 are licensed under CC BY 2.0