Criminal Charges Dropped Against 4 No More Deaths Volunteers

In Arizona, prosecutors dropped criminal charges against members of the humanitarian group No More Deaths. The four volunteers were arrested searching for three migrants missing in the Sonoran Desert. The four volunteers for the humanitarian group, Caitlin Persis Deighan, Zoe Ellen Anderson, Logan Thomas Hollarsmith and Rebecca Katie Grossman-Richeimer, were charged with illegally entering the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge in 2017 while looking for a group of migrants who were in distress while crossing the border.

Court records show a settlement agreement was reached in the case. The activists have been ordered to pay a fine of $250 each.

This comes a month after four members of the group were found guilty on charges related to leaving water and food in the Sonoran Desert to help refugees and migrants survive the deadly journey across the border. They face sentencing March 1st, and could get six months in prison.

A ninth member of the group, Scott Warren, is still awaiting trial on misdemeanor and felony charges. The trials for each of Warren’s cases are scheduled to begin in May.



Photo: “DSC_0906” by Robert Silz (longislandwins) is licensed under CC BY 2.0