Tens of Thousands March as France’s Yellow Vests Stage 15th Week of Demonstrations

Yellow Vests took the streets across France for the 15th consecutive week of demonstrations. Dozens of protesters were reported injured across the country, with reports of tear gas and “riot control pellets” being fired on peaceful protesters. Five separate demonstrations in the capital drew around 6,000 people and around the country 50,000 people took part in demonstrations.

Many in the movement wonder how best to leverage the movements momentum to make substantive change. The movement was sparked by tax hikes and gained momentum when it became a platform for masses of people to voice their dissatisfaction with the ruling establishment and their complacency in a class war waged against the poor and middle class.

The government has responded to the protests with police violence and concessions, pulling back the fuel tax hike that sparked the protests, only after maiming and severely injuring people who took to the streets against the government.



Photo: “Les Gilets Jaunes” by Patrice CALATAYU is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0