Marco Rubio Tweets Gruesome ‘Snuff Film’ Pictures of Gaddafi in Threat to Maduro and the People of Venezuela

The tweet contains no words, but the senator was clearly sending a horrific death threat to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and threatening horrific destabilization and disaster for the Venezuelan People.

On Sunday, Rubio tweeted the images of Gaddafi. The gruesome image of the Libyan leader was taken as he was sodomized with knives and killed in October 2011, prior to the country spiraling into one of the worst humanitarian disasters on earth with open slave markets.

The tweet sparked outcry on social media, with many commentators remarking the Senator was sharing screenshots from a snuff film and was clearly displaying his deeply disturbed nature.

The UN has stepped up distribution of humanitarian supplies in the country, while Mr. Maduro has denied US claims that he is refusing to accept humanitarian aid.

Vice President Pence accused President Maduro’s forces of burning several trucks containing medical supplies over the weekend as the opposition tried to deliver US aid, even as it became clear they were likely burned by US backed forces.

The US has used shipments of aid in Latin America to smuggle weapons in the past. Elliott Abrams, currently the Trump administration’s point man for Venezuela, oversaw a genocidal operation against the democratically elected government of Nicaragua thirty years ago. The operation included smuggling weapons into the country under the guise of “US aid.”

Corporate media and corporate backed political powers are almost universally in support of a war with Venezuela. Trump promised to “take care of Venezuela.” Just a few weeks ago, in regard to military intervention the US president said “it was an option.” National Security Adviser John Bolton, a well known chickenhawk, was seen carrying a pad that had the line “5,000 troops to Colombia” written on it. The note was likely a reference to moving US troops into Colombia in preparation for a US invasion of Venezuela.



Photo: “Senator Rubio official portrait” by United States Senate is in the Public Domain