Corporations Test Last-Mile Delivery Robots, More Work Is Coming to an End

Companies are in an arms race to automate all labor with robots, drones and self-driving cars to eliminate all of the workers who built the companies and automate as much of their industries as possible to make the owners as much money as possible.

FedEx will begin testing a robot to handle deliveries for partners ranging from Walmart to Pizza Hut this summer. The delivery company said robots could become part of its same day service operating in 1,900 cities around the world. FedEx said it is working with its partners, including AutoZone and Target, to roll our autonomous delivery systems.

Amazon is testing its own delivery robot called “Scout.” UPS is not testing ground robots, but it is experimenting with drones for deliveries, as are Amazon and FedEx.

Other delivery robot tests include partnerships between Kroger and self-driving car company Nuro. There is also a partnership between DoorDash and General Motors. While, FedEx is teaming up with DEKA Development & Research Corp.

The delivery ground robots look like coolers roaming sidewalks and roadways at a top speed of around 10 miles per hour.

Robots have already been deployed to deliver packages in the San Francisco Area by Starship Technologies. The company started working with the French food service company Sodexo in January to deliver to 40,000 students at George Mason University campus.



Photo: “16a.Robot.Postmates.WDC.25October2017” by Elvert Barnes is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0