India and Pakistan Shoot Down Each Other’s Jets as Conflict Deepens

Pakistan says its air force shot down two Indian fighter jets in Pakistan’s airspace as the conflict between the two countries increases.

India confirmed that it had lost one plane and said the Indian Air Force had shot down a Pakistani jet as it responded to the incident.

Pakistan’s military spokesperson said two Indian jets were downed in Wednesday’s operation. One falling inside Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, and the other in Indian-controlled Kashmir, he announced on Twitter.

Initially, the Pakistan spokesperson claimed two Indian pilots had been arrested with one being treated for injuries in a military hospital, but later said only one pilot was in military custody.

The confrontation comes a day after India launched airstrikes in Pakistan and marks the first incursion by the Indian Air Force into Pakistan since the India-Pakistan war of 1971.



Photo: “Pakistan Air Force trains at Nellis” by Robert Sullivan is in the Public Domain